How It Works?

A Quick Overview


With any website there 3 distinct elements are required…

  1. The Website Design
  2. A Domain Name
  3. Website Hosting

For most professionally designed business websites, the 1st of these 3 elements is the most costly, with prices in the UK for website design on its own ranging from £100 to £10,000+ depending on the style and functionality of the site required. With Free Business Website Design, this first cost is totally wiped out, you pay NOTHING for the website design.

In terms of the second two elements (a domain name and website hosting), consider these akin to a postal address, and the building at that address for a business. The address (domain name) allows people who know it to find you, and the physical building (website hosting) contains the business itself (or website in this case).

Costs for these elements are ongoing and any business who has a website has to pay each year for a domain name and website hosting. The costs of these depending on a number of factors usually cost about £100 per annum. In addition for non-technical business people, the complexities and choices available in website hosting can be daunting, and it is very easy to make the wrong choices and end up paying for a hosting service which is either third rate, or provides little or no support.

At Free Business Website Design, we remove all these headaches from you and your business. For a fixed low cost of £120 per annum, we will provide hosting for your website and the registration of a domain name such as

You may think that we are really charging this amount for the website design. We are NOT, as the American’s say DO THE MATH, just have a Google for website hosting and domain registration, and you’ll find that hosting and domain registration does cost at least £100 per annum, and with that you get NO WEBSITE AT ALL, plus you are left to your own devices when setting up your domain and hosting. Support from hosting companies is notoriously bad, and most assume you have a level of knowledge which is just not the case with the average business person.

At Free Business Website Design, we take all the stress out of the equation so you can concentration on running and growing your business.


A Step By Step Guide


To get a new professionally designed website with Free Business Website Design, just follow these simple steps…

  1. Browse the wide range of website styles and colour schemes we have available and pick the one which you would like for your company website.
  2. Add it to your shopping basket, and proceed to the checkout.
  3. Pay the £120 which will cover you for your domain registration and 1st 12 months of website hosting. PLEASE NOTE : This payment is not in relation to the website design itself, it is totally FREE.
  4. Once we have received your order, we will contact you to get the information we will need to build your website. This includes…
    • Your preferred domain name for your website.
    • A copy of your logo design (if applicable)
    • Text for the homepage of your website
    • Contact info for the Contact Us page.
    • Any photos you would like including on the homepage of your site.
  5. When we have this info, we will proceed to build a test version of your website. This process normally taking 24-48 hours.
  6. Once we have sent you the test version, you can let us know of any amendments or corrections to text that are required.
  7. When you are happy with the homepage of your site we will register your preferred domain name, and make your new website live onto the Web so the whole world can see it.
  8. We will then provide you with login details to your website’s online administration system, which will allow you to do the following…
    • Add new pages to your website.
    • Add specialised pages to your website such as Blogs, Photo Galleries, Portfolios and more.
    • Update the textual contents of your website.
    • Add photos to your website.
  9. We will also setup email forwarding, from an email account such as to your own email account (i.e. Google, Outlook etc).
  10. In this way, once your website is live you can grow it yourself, either slowly or quickly to whatever size you like, and the only cost will be the annual £120 fixed hosting and domain registration fee which will next be due 12 months after your domain name is 1st registered and then yearly afterwards.


Are There Any Hidden Costs?


When you have a website designed by Free Business Website Design, the only cost is the fixed yearly fee for website hosting and domain registration, and if you are happy to update or add to your website yourself. The only instances where additional fees would apply would be…

  • If you would like extra domain names, or a domain name other than a one.
  • If you would like us to create additional pages or functionality onto your website.
  • If you would like us to update the contents, images on your website after go-live.
  • If you would like us to host dedicated email accounts for your business.
  • If you would like us to customise the style of your website.

This said, all of the above are totally optional, and the 1st three options above can be done by yourself using the online administration system for your website.

But if you are interested in any of these services, please look at our Totally Optional Extras page.


Any Questions?


After reading this page, we are sure you have questions, so please contact us at and one of our designers will do their best to any any queries you have.