Step 1 – Pick Your Style

Unlike most website design companies, where you pay your money up-front, then wait for them to design a website for you, with the risk you may not like the design and waste your money.

With Free Business Website Design, we offer a wide selection of professional website styles in a range of colour schemes for you to choose from, without paying a penny.

In this way, you will KNOW what your website will look like before you even order.

So why wait, have a good browse around our range of website styles, and remember, each style comes in a range of attractive colour schemes, so if you like the thumbnail on the website styles page, but it’s not in your preferred colour scheme, just click on it to see all the alternative colour schemes available for that style.


Step 2 – Domain & Hosting

All websites, small and large require 2 things in addition to the actual website design; a Domain Name and Website Hosting.

Most web design companies charge £150 or more per annum for these services, and even if you DIY, it will cost you £100+ a year.

At Free Business Website Design, we provide a domain name and website hosting for your website for only £120 per year, or the equivalent of £10 per month.

We can offer these prices because we buy these services in bulk and pass on the savings we make to our clients.

All our website styles include this £120 domain and hosting service as standard, so you don’t need to worry about domain or website setup, we will do everything for you.

Step 3 – Website Creation

Once we have received your online order, we will contact you to find out all the info necessary for your website design and domain name.

We will the purchase your desired domain name and setup your website homepage, upto 3 content pages and a contact page including an enquiry form using your selected website style.

When you are happy with it, we will make your website live against your domain. This process usually only takes 24-48 hours.

Once your website is live, we will provide access to an online administration system which will allow you to…

Update the contents of your website.
Add new pages to your site.
Add additional functionality including photo galleries, blogs and portfolio pages.

Please see our How It Works? page for full details.

Get Started Now With Your Free Business Website Design Pick Your Style!